5 Tips For Great Food Photos

  • By Sylvia Pond
  • 07 Mar, 2016

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Whether you are taking photos with a DSLR or a smart phone, there are a few tips to help you produce great food photos.

1. Turn off your flash! Natural light is the best light to use for food shots.

2. Place your plate by a window but not in direct sun. Note where the light is coming from and aim accordingly to avoid shadows. If there is not enough light, instead of a flash use a continuous light source.

3. Try different angles. Shoot from different sides and even from above.

4. Take time to plate the food neatly.

5. Wanna get a little fancy? Try using cutting boards, colourful napkins and even extra ingredients around the plate to style your shot.
By Sylvia Pond 24 Apr, 2017
Sometimes I travel for work. Sometimes far. Sometimes near. 

Hotels are great. Secure. Nice amenities. No clean up. 
But lately I have been loving booking with AirBnb! 

Last week for a little trip to Toronto I think I stayed at the cutest BNB in the city!!
This place had charm. With lights strung in the main room, vintage furniture filled with vinyl and cool art work and posters that filled the walls. 
I felt at home as soon as I checked in. 

It only made sense to take out my camera and photograph this lovely space. 

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