Love Yourself

  • By Sylvia Pond
  • 02 Feb, 2016

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Love Yourself. These two words have been at the forefront of my mind over the last little while. I am a happy person. If you know me just a little that sentence doesn’t surprise you. But that happiness is something that came from going through a few journeys over the years. And I made it a very conscious choice in how I live my life. But being happy on the inside doesn’t mean that I don’t struggle with insecurities of the “outside”.

Until recently, like many people I know, I would criticize and judge my own appearance. I would brush off compliments. And I would worry about my size. I realized just a few short months ago what a waste of time and energy that was.
Yes, I decided to start working out and eating better. But the numbers on the scale and the size of my pants isn’t where this change came from. I simply FEEL better. And I choose to feel positive vibes.

With that, I thought about my career. How I spend every day taking photos of others. How it feels to be vulnerable in front of a camera. How I try to pump people up and encourage them to feel great. How I show people the beauty they don’t see in themselves.
So why hadn’t I done this for myself?

Well last week I did.
I stepped in front of the camera. With a little less clothes on than I am used to. And here is the result. Well a small sampling of the result. A girl has to keep a few things to herself ;)

Big thanks to Libby (Photographer) and Meaghan (Stylist, Hair & Make Up) for being my cheerleaders!

Love Yourself.

By Sylvia Pond 24 Apr, 2017
Sometimes I travel for work. Sometimes far. Sometimes near. 

Hotels are great. Secure. Nice amenities. No clean up. 
But lately I have been loving booking with AirBnb! 

Last week for a little trip to Toronto I think I stayed at the cutest BNB in the city!!
This place had charm. With lights strung in the main room, vintage furniture filled with vinyl and cool art work and posters that filled the walls. 
I felt at home as soon as I checked in. 

It only made sense to take out my camera and photograph this lovely space. 

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